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Causes and effects essay

20/2/2013- Wednesday

Today is the first day my class with Miss Zu after the holiday. As I expected, Miss Zu will ask me why I did not came for the Monday’s class and I said, “sorry Miss, I overslept” and then she said, “Great !!! the student in this class is the best student ever” (*she said with cynical ) The absent people and I just give a helpless face. For today, Miss Zu divide us into the group and she ask us to do causes and effects essay according the video that she show to us. My group get the drug as our topic. She’s only give us one hour to do a whole essay. Here the essay :

Drug is a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating or other effects when take or put into a human body.  In today society, many teenagers is use of drugs.What happen if over use of drugs? The over use of drugs has, therefore, to a great extent, can give hallucinations, do not focus when driving that can involve accidents and the people under over use drug may enter the people house without permission and involve the murder.
The hallucination will occur if we take overdose drug in our body. The hallucination occur when environmental and emotional factors such as strees. If someone occur hallucination they must not remaind what they are do. Sometimes what they do is not clear understanding of how they work.

Nowadays, we  heard that people died because of taking over use drug .  For information , people respond differently to a drug overdose.  Usually, people always taking  over use drug when they want to be freedom. It is always happen in student life because they want to enjoy, stay up in the midnight and make their life complete. In conclusion, we do not take the drugs in our daily life. 

Another cause of drug overdose  is people do not focused when driving . If someone have overdose in drug , he or she do not focus when driving and it  can involve in accident . The cause of a drug overdose is either by accidental overuse or by intentional misuse .
One of the causes is accident will happen and this is a result of loss focus while driving. This accident does not only mean it gives  bad effect to ourselves only but also to other people. For example, we hit people because of we loss the focus when driving and it might kill people life. 

Overuse of drug make the person will  broke in into people house. Sometimes the people who already overuse drug broke in into the people house without intention. They force to burglary to get the money for bought the drug. Because of the drug addicts really want to get the money, they will hurt people who are innocent by hitting and sometime kill them without compassion. In a summary, overuse drug will make the person become the thief.
As a consequence of the burglary the person that is overdose of drug tend to kill  innocent people. It will happend when the trespass is take place and  there will be strugle as the owner of the place is trying to protect their family and belongings from being harm. In this situation the drug user will feel that he or she is in danger and start to being aggresive which can hurt the other people and the worst is there will be a death.

In a conclusion, by taking drug overdoses can give many causes and effect to people. The causes of drug overdoses are people take overdose in drug, do not focus on driving and it can involve to do a crime without they realize. While the impacts of drug overdose are people can tend to kill people, hit people and will lead to hallucination.

I hope i can do a better causes and effects essay after this.

 Until then,

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