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I am tyra, a student of Uitm Segamat. I love to sing and currently a bathroom singer. I am the type of girl who constantly laugh and addicted to cadbury blackforest chocolate. I have a crazy dream and I spent most of my time dreaming and online ( i guess ).just simply word from me, love me or leave me :D

The References

26/2/2013- Tuesday


Today Miss Zu teach us about how to put references in our term paper. Each essay or term paper must have references in order to give prove that we do the term paper based on the references that we found. Miss Zu have use the textbook as the example of the references. After that, Miss Zu said to us that she is tired because she always speak but we didn't. So, Miss Zu give another task for us. Like usually, Miss Zu dividing us into group. My group is Nadia, Salihin, Farhana, Fatin and I. Our topic is :

"Many young girls strive very hard to be thin. some of them starve themselves to look thin while others induce vomiting. This has resulted in teenage eating disorders which affects their health. As a concerned citizen, suggest the best solutions to this problem. Give reasons for your choice."

\ I hope tomorrow, we can speak fluently. I also hope, with this task, i can speak more confidence even i know my English is bad but i'll try my best.

Until then,

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