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I am tyra, a student of Uitm Segamat. I love to sing and currently a bathroom singer. I am the type of girl who constantly laugh and addicted to cadbury blackforest chocolate. I have a crazy dream and I spent most of my time dreaming and online ( i guess ).just simply word from me, love me or leave me :D

Checking the online quiz

20/3/2013- Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. And i don't know why but i feel so sad. Seriously..... Maybe because this is the last evening day that we had with Miss Zu. Okay, cut it off !!! So,today Miss Zu check our online quiz but unfortunately the system is crazy. There are some people that has already did their online quiz but in sustem there no record or mark that they have did it. Luckily, my mark still have. After that, Miss Zu said, we have two beautiful lecturer to teach us about discussion essay. Its make us wonder. Uhh, Inayah and Bariah is the beautiful lecturer. They teach us how to writing the discussion essay. So far, i understand how to write it. Tomorrow night we have last class with Miss Zu and it make me whoaaaaaa sad i guess.. I hope tomorrow will be better from today..

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