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I am tyra, a student of Uitm Segamat. I love to sing and currently a bathroom singer. I am the type of girl who constantly laugh and addicted to cadbury blackforest chocolate. I have a crazy dream and I spent most of my time dreaming and online ( i guess ).just simply word from me, love me or leave me :D

Peer sheet

5/3/2013- Tuesday


Today is Tuesday. We need to bring laptop to the class today because Miss Zu want to continue to do peer sheet. Peer sheet means we need find another group that writing same topic essay with us. Like us, we writing the causes and effects essays so, Miss Zu ask Ana and I to change and commenting in Asyraf and Asnawi's draft term essay. So, we need to change but we need to commenting according a few criteria. We also need to give marks to the draft. The simple word is, we need to be like lecturer that marking the term paper. So Ana and I, we start to commenting and give a mark. So, we hope that can learn on how to make the superb term paper according the others essay.

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