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Sad goodbye - THANK YOU MISS ZU

21/3/2013- Thursday


Tonight, we have replacement class.. and tonight is the last class. whoaaaa, it makes me feel sad and it mixes my feeling.. So for tonight, Miss Zu discuss the last semester paper.  Miss Zu also ask us to submit the yellow file. Inside the yellow file, we need fill it with all the notes that she has already give to us during the class.. I thought only the notes not the slide but unfortunately Miss Zu want us to print the slide and put inside the yellow file.. Lastly, before Miss Zu end the class, Miss Zu said sorry to us because sometimes she scold us, give a lot of work to us but i dont really mind because i know its for our benefit. yeahhh, there are sometimes i feel so annoying because there a lot work to do. Before we dismiss the class, Miss Zu ask us to go next room because Miss Zu have buy Nasi Lemak for us. Whoaaa, we are so touched with Miss Zu kindness. Even, sometimes we always make Miss Zu furious and sometimes we nagging about Miss Zu but she still want to this kind of thing for us. Thank you Miss Zu. Thanks a lot.......
I hope our class will perform well in final and we all can get A in Bel 311, Insyaallah, amin

Until then,

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