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I am tyra, a student of Uitm Segamat. I love to sing and currently a bathroom singer. I am the type of girl who constantly laugh and addicted to cadbury blackforest chocolate. I have a crazy dream and I spent most of my time dreaming and online ( i guess ).just simply word from me, love me or leave me :D


What does blogging teach me in Bel 311?
I will answer there's a lot. Honestly,I love to read someone's blog but i don't really interest to write a blog, make a blog even i used already have blog but it long time ago. Blogging teach me to be discipline i guess. Its because, we need always make new entry for what happen to us in that day. Blogging also need our creativity. I mean, creativity on how we want to expressed our feeling into the blog. We need to think suitable word or sentences. Its a bit annoying for me because we need internet access to do blogging . Like me, its hard for me to find internet access because i'm using Uitm wifi but its be like challenging for me. Lastly, i really hope that for the next semester our lecturer do not give us assessment to do a blogging again. Although its challenging but its too tired.

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