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Today Miss Zu teach us about tenses. She teach us variety of tenses such as present tenses, past tenses, future tenses and many more. Tenses is a basic knowledge on writing. So, if we want to writing, we must know this basic knowledge and from that we can get a correct essay without any sucks sentences. Here the sample what Miss Zu teach us :

1)      Simple Present Tense - This tense also expresses general truths or facts that are timeless. 

2)      The Present Progressive - This tense is used to describe an action that is occurring right now (at this moment, today, this year, etc.).  The action has begun and is still in progress.

3)      The Simple Past Tense - We use the simple past to indicate exactly when an action or event took place in the past.

4)      The Present Perfect - The present perfect is used to talk about an event that began in the past and continues up to the present.

5)      The Past Perfect - This tense describes completed events that took place in the past before another past event.

6)      The Future Tense - Will and be + going + to are often used to describe future actions.

7)      The Future Progressive - This tense is used to describe an event or action that will occur over a period of time at a specific point in the future.

It’s a good knowledge right? So I really hope that I can memorize and remember this knowledge until forever.


Until then,


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