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I am tyra, a student of Uitm Segamat. I love to sing and currently a bathroom singer. I am the type of girl who constantly laugh and addicted to cadbury blackforest chocolate. I have a crazy dream and I spent most of my time dreaming and online ( i guess ).just simply word from me, love me or leave me :D




Hi guys? How’s your weekend? For me, my friend and I, we have such a great weekend. Okay, for today Miss Zu ask us to do a debate. Whoaaa, that’s awesome I think because we can argue and unleash our confident to speak in public. Miss Zu divided us into four group which is group one, group two, group three and group four. My group which is group four, we need to debating with group Rozita. So our topic is  “Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?” Hmm, it’s a interesting topic for me and we brainstorm and google together to find the point to argue with Rozita’s group. Our group is government side and Rozita’s group is opponent side. Here our point:

We totally agree because :
1)      Usually women more sensitive other than guys and they hard to balance their feelings
2)      Women love to give idea but mostly their idea is not brilliant at all
3)      Men are more open minded to accept others people’s idea rather than women.
4)      Men more brave, firm and very co-operating other than women.
I have a lot to say and like to refute especially when the opponent side give their point but you know when I got nervous everything will be messed up but its okay. Debate give me more confident to speaking in English even though its start with stuttering. I hope I can do it better in future.

Until then,

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