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8/1/2013- Tuesday


Like usually our Tuesday’s class at block u214. All of us came early today, maybe we excited to learn a new thing, hahaha I guess maybe. Then, Miss Zu enter and she brought a BOX. All of us was very curious and excited and we bet that Miss Zu will do some activity today. Today we learn about FACT & OPINION.
A Fact is:
ü  Objective information that  can be checked or proved to be true.           
ü  Information that does not change
ü  For example : Malaysia’s independence day is 31 August 1957.
An Opinion is:
ü   Is a statement that cannot be proved to be true or false
ü  Is one’s personel belief, idea, or feeling about a subject
ü  For example : Zayn Malik is the handsome guy in the world.
Then, Miss Zu divide us in 6 group. My group is Bariah, Nabilah, Solehin, Adibah and me. We need have to be like salesman and saleswoman. Miss Zu ask one of us to come forward and pick one of thing that she put in the box. So, our group pick the product from Bioglo which is the cleanser mask product.
So this is our opinion and facts that they need to guess.
Facts :
1)      Clear pore (Deep Cleansing Mask) marketed by Cosway (M) Sdn.Bhd.
2)      The contain of this product is 75 ml
3)      The color of the liquid’s contains is black
1)      The product can make our face more flawless and glowing
2)      The price of this product is affordable and its suitable to all types of skin.

So the Syafika Salleh’s group got the correct answer which is there just only have 3 facts and 2 opinions in our point.
That’s the interesting activity I guess and I hope Miss Zu always do activity like this in the class.

Until then,


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