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15/1/2013- Tuesday


Hi guys ! Today is Tuesday, weeheee !! Today, a whole class come late to the class and its because we have Qmt quiz and its require a lot of question and time for us to answer. That’s why we come late to the class, sorry Miss Zu. Like usually, our class start we recite Al-Fatihah. The first question that Miss Zu ask is “What are the function of thesis statement?” and our response is “krikk !!” “krikk!!” hahah.. Then Miss Zu said that “ Thesis statement is NOT to general and NOT to specific. As you know, we have 5 types of essays” which are:
1)      Cause- Effect Essays .
2)      Problem-Solution Essays.
3)      Comparison-Contrast Essays .
4)      Argumentative Essays.
5)      Discussion Essays .

Ana and I have choose Causes and Effects essays for our term paper. Here’s the example thesis statement for causes and effects essay.

“There is no doubt that the advertising media is produced through many other channels and factors, however, to a great extent, it obviously  influenced our appearance, our perception of gender role and behavior, as well as our social values

So the conclusion is, we must understand the format well because it can help us to do term paper and answer question when writing in Final Exam.

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