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2/1/2013- Wednesday


Hey guys ! Today is Wednesday and we learn a new think which is scanning and skimming. For your information, scanning and skimming are very important in final exam because the question usually comprehension reading. In final exam, if I’m not mistake, we just  given  only a couple hours to answer the question and sometimes the student does not have enough time to answer it. That’s why Bel 311 have skimming and scanning syllabus ,whereas it will give easier for student to answer the question. Scanning means knowing what information you need before you read. You scan where you are looking for a fact or a detail or a particular vocabulary word. When you are scanning, you don’t have t read every word to answer the questions and don’t have understand every word. That’s are scanning.

Meanwhile, skimming is reading quickly for general meaning. You skim reading material to find out about topic, the main idea, and generic structure of passage. For this kind of reading, you only want to find out something and don’t want to know and memorize everything you read. In fact, you should leave out everything except a few important words. There are words that tell you the general idea.

Then before Miss Zu end the class,Okay, its seems like a bit tough right? The simple way is practice makes perfect, so do a lot practice then you will be master in this topic.

Until then,


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